Saturday, June 21, 2014

One-Piece Boy Leg Swimsuit from Seafolly

One-piece boy leg swimsuit

Seafolly is an international beach lifestyle clothing company that has hubs in Australia and in the United States. The one-piece boyleg suit that you see pictured here has flattering vertical lines and thick neck and back straps. If you think that this suit may be the one for you, be sure to view the front and back images online, and you may also call a swim fit specialist. The phone number is on the website.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Boy Short Swimsuits from Anthropologie

Boy Short Swimsuits

Anthropologie offers some great attractive one-piece swimsuits that cover the upper leg area like boy shorts. Anthropologie must have some exclusive deals from manufacturers, because we couldn't find the same suits on the manufacturer websites. The halter-style suits pictured here are chic, and they may provide the cover-up that you want. The company website also has some very stylish rash guards, if you're looking to cover up even more. Here's an extra tip: when you visit the "Swimwear" page on the website, refresh the page a couple of times and you'll see that some of the images change in the results.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cute Modest Swimsuits from Kingdom & State

Cute Modest Swimsuits

Kingdom & State is a hot brand that creates many types of clothing for gals, and they offer several swimsuits that are both fashionable and modest. You'll find one-piece halter suits, and some mix-and-match separates. There are stripes, zig-zags, and some bright solid colors. Keep your eye on this company. They're expecting to offer much more in the future. From their website: "...we have great ambitions to grow in to a one-stop shop for modest, fashion-forward clothing."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage Bathing Suits from Shabby Apple

Vintage Bathing Suits

We've featured Shabby Apple before, because of the stylish and modest dresses that they offer. We recently noticed that they are also producing vintage bathing suits. You'll find many options on their website, including a red and white gingham halter tankini, a silver square-neck top, and swim skirts with briefs. There's also a classic black and white polka dot swimsuit. Some of the suits were created exclusively for Shabby Apple by designer Taryn Gerber.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Classy Options from Red Dolly Swimwear

Polka Dot Swimsuits

Red Dolly Swimwear features modest swimwear designs by Heather Stepanik. Ms. Stepanik is a Fashion Institute of Design graduate, and her online shop is actually an Etsy site (the first one we've featured). We think you'll enjoy the selection of classy designs, which includes black suit with white polka dots, a pink suit with white polka dots, a maillot with black and white stripes, and other creative retro-style options.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Modest Swimsuits from Swim 'n Sport

Stylish Modest Swimsuits

Swim 'n Sport is a retailer that carries several brands of swimsuits, and among them, you'll find lots of modest swimsuit options. You'll also find some cute bathing suits that are offered exclusively by Swim 'n Sport. Designers include Bleu | Rod Beattie Swimwear, Miraclesuit Swimwear, Longitude Swimwear, Trina Turk Swimwear and others. In addition to the website, the company also has brick and mortar stores in several U.S. states.

Modest Halter Top Swimsuits from Beverly Swimwear

Modest Halter Top Swimsuits

Are you looking for a modest swimsuit that is customized to fit your body? Beverly Swimwear offers hand-made suits, and the company's designer says: "My goal is to give you the perfect swimsuit for you needs and for your body." The company also seeks to make the suits affordable. Visit the Beverly website to find a variety of styles, and colors that include hot pink, red, and many two-tone color combinations.