Friday, April 1, 2011

Modest Dresses from Mikarose

Dresses knee length

Mikarose is company that aims to "provide an extensive line of modest dresses, without having to sacrifice style." A tour of the company's website reveals several stylish dresses, with a length that is generally just below the knee. You'll also find some chic dresses that are mid-calf. At the time of our visit, all of the dresses had sleeves, either short sleeves, petal sleeves, or other similar styles. The company also offers accessories such as belts and scarves, tops, skirts, and some dresses for tots. The company website has a clearance section that contained quite a few nice items at the time of our visit. If you're seeking a nice dress for a dinner party, for church, or for an evening out, you're likely to find something suitable at Mikarose.

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