Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modest Swimwear by Hapari

Modest swimwear
If you frequent this blog looking for conservative clothing styles, then at some point you're likely to search for modest swimsuits. Hapari is a swimwear company with many products that are both stylish and modest. You'll find tankinis, one-piece suits, skirts, cover shorts and more. The website's photo galleries display swimsuits in understated black, as well as fashionable floral patterns, and some appealing abstract patterns. Hapari's products offer a lot of opportunity to create mix-n-match swimsuits. For example, you may see a bright tankini top with thick shoulder straps in one section of the site, then you may go to the "Skirts and Cover Shorts" section to find beach shorts that will match the top. Some of the cover skirts offered are mid-thigh length, and you'll find some with ruffles, some that resemble tennis skirts, some with solid colors, and some with patterns. Hapari also offers silicone inserts and a mastectomy swimwear line.

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