Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long Skirts by Holy Veil

Long skirts
Holy Veil is a company that produces hand-crafted clothing "for casual, professional and religious lifestyles." The website states that the company is new, and that it is the retail branch of North Hollywood's "renowned dye house, Indigo Dye House." At the time of our visit to the website, we saw a small collection of interesting long skirts, a couple of maxi dresses, and some other items. The prices listed seem quite reasonable, with skirts ranging from about $30, to around $60. It may be worth your time to click on the photos of individual skirts because the landing pages offer opportunity to see available colors. Also note that the company's "Shop" section may contain items that don't appear in the main portion of the website.


  1. ilove these skirt.thanks for this post!

  2. I like these skirts and dresses too. The models wore them properly. I would love to have that white dress and skirt.

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